This website was created as the main site for Murphy Thompson Moore LLP

Created using Drupal 7, a Framework and a CMS rolled into one.

Drupal 7 has all the trappings of a CMS, but the extensibility of a framework, thanks to the development being Open-Source and Drupal 7 being able to use far more complex modules than any other non-static CMS.

Ranging from simple modules, to data-validation modules, automatic text-replacement modules, and custom modules which run JavaScript throughout the site.

The Website is the main online respresentation for the business and so time and care was taken to ensure that everything was exactly to specification and presented the business well.

As well as setting up the site, One account for each major social media was created, and the Social Media Queuing Tool Buffer was implemented.

The staff have now been taught how to use the CMS and the Buffer effectively, and I now only handle major changes which require technical expertise.

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