This site is a Static Generated Site, made with Hugo and Automatically Deployed from a git repository using

The power of Hugo is that through the use of layout files, every div can easily be created or edited through HTML/CSS/JavaScript and then Injected into place by the program.

The simplest way to think of it is that every page is a template with a single empty space in the middle for Formatted Text to go into. And Hugo is the Glue which sticks that Text in place.

I’m currently using a heavily modified version of the the Hugo Creative Portfolio Theme by Github User Kishaningithub.

The Current Deployment method is as such:

For Content Changes

  1. Login to the Headless CMS ( for a definition of what defines a Headless CMS)

  2. Edit or Create Markdown Files using existing Templates

  3. Forestry builds these pages into HTML and places them in the /public folder of the dev branch

  4. Forestry Publishes the contents of the /public folder in the dev branch of the Git onto the master branch

  5. All contents of the master branch are automatically served as Webpages by Github Pages, due to a setting turned on in the options of the repository.

Major Template and Layout Changes

deployed via opening the /Layouts folder inside of the dev branch of the repository, using Github Desktop and then:

  1. editing the /partials, /widgets, /shortcodes or any of the named templates

  2. opening command prompt inside of the / folder

  3. running the command hugo --theme [Theme-Name] once

  4. syncing the changes back to the dev branch.

  5. publishing the contents of the /public folder onto the Master branch


about/single.html for editing the single page template of about.


partials/sidebar.html for editing just the sidebar.


portfolio/list for editing the grouped page template of Portfolio.

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