This site is a Static Generated Site, made with Hugo and Automatically Deployed from a git repository using

The power of Hugo is that through the use of layout files, every div can easily be created or edited through HTML/CSS/JavaScript and then Injected into place by the program.

Data Dashboard for Visually Impaired

In my Final Year of University, as my course is technical instead of a dissertation, the Final Year project is to develop a prototype web application using web technologies, with an accompanying report.

I decided to create a Data Dashboard with additional features added to make it more accesible for Visually impaired users (defined as having 1020 acuity or less)

This website was created as the main site for Murphy Thompson Moore LLP

Created using Drupal 7, a Framework and a CMS rolled into one.

Climbing Poster

This poster was created for a design competition hosted by Greater Manchester Rock Climbing Meetup group.

The purpose of the poster is to try and increase the number of members in the group.

The prize was a Years’ subscription to membership, which I’m happy to say that I won (and have been using to the full extent.)

JQuery-UI Project

As part of my University Course, after reading and researching the documentation of the JQuery-UI Mobile framework, a short project was set to create a single file site which uses JQuery-UI Mobile elements.

All of the pages of this site are run from the same file (index.html) with CSS, Images and JavaScript files called in when necessary. Rather than each page being a file, it is a <div> with the data-role of page

Trying out WakaTime

WakaTime is a Git Integration which automatically tracks your saves and git commits. Seems to do so in a rather naive way, not knowing the difference between code typed and text which has been pasted. But for most purposes that’s not exactly a big deal anyhow. The below embed should auto-update as my activities change.

Phaser.js Web Game

Created in my spare time as a small little project, a HTML5 and JavaScript game. Due to the assets being run through HTML5 rather than older methods such as Flash or Unity Web Player the game is of a rather small size and can run on any device with a screen larger than 480px by 640px in resolution. All assets are loaded and controlled through JavaScript with the Phaser.js library leveraged to handle physics of the assets.